Simon Scott
Designer / Researcher
Specialising in
User Experience & Service Design

What I can do for you…

Research illustration

Conduct research and analyse data

I can orchestrate qualitative or quantitative research with customers, staff or stakeholders; analyse results, and report on findings.

  • Find usability issues with usability testing.
  • Perform contextual enquiries to understand surroundings.
  • Review analytical data to discover trends.
Design illustration

Design products or services

I can produce detailed designs for products or services based on research and analysis.

  • Create iterative wireframes for apps and websites.
  • Map out business processes to create service blueprints.
  • Assemble prototypes to test functionality or enact services.
Workshop illustration

Plan and facilitate workshops

I can run workshops with stakeholders to identify and explore aspects of your product or service.

  • Audience profiling using personas and empathy maps.
  • Generate, prioritise and sketch ideas.
  • Understand user journeys with user story mapping.